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WORK TIME: 9am-7pm
FIND US: Milan and Munich
CONTACT: (+39) 3516789927

The call for sponsors for the industrial hackathon is now open!

We are organizing the first Hackathon dedicated to the Industry 4.0 technologies.

The main idea behind this project is to bring your technology together with other startups and build a large project that will engage over 100 developers and create “applications for decentralized automation ” in just 36 hours. Working closely with companies such as yours, active in Industrial IoT applications and interested in attracting developers and other professionals with the goal of developing solutions in order to create better industries for a better future.

Why Sponsor this event?

This Hackathon is an opportunity to exhibit awesome technologies and ideas that could be implemented to aid companies in their operations.

Showcase your technology.

Build brand awareness, while you evangelize the audience.

Excellent opportunity to scout for talent as you see them work on a real project.

This is how we make it happen

General Benefits

Experience the opportunity to have your own booth/table during the event, prizes with your company’s logo, a webinar showcasing your technology and direct communication to participants.

Marketing Benefits

Bring your company’s logo on event’s website, badges and banners. Experience an exclusive video promotion including interviews with your experts and promotion on social media as well.

Recruitment Opportunities

Have your booth on site for interviews and get access to participants resumes. Send your own recruiters to be present scouting the best talent.

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    We are the link between technology and devs, following closely all new technology applications while creating an environment of innovation and ideation. The Hackathon will be the hub of teams consisting of developers, designers and idea innovators that will produce innovative solutions related to new technological trends. We want to showcase how technology can produce real solutions to real problems by bringing the right people together in order to brainstorm in the right environment.

    Michele Erba

    Project Manager
    @ Kreativdistrikt

    Do you have any questions regarding this project? do not hesitate to contact me! I will make sure you have all the available tools to be part of this online hackathon.

    Check out our video from the Intel Industrial Workshop in Milan this June

    We built a great event bringing together developers and experts from the Tech Industry.

    If you want to be part of such an innovative event and have your technology showcased in front of the best in class tech audience, don’t hesitate to contact us here: