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WORK TIME: 9am-7pm
FIND US: Milan and Munich
CONTACT: (+49) 17634615633

“Hackathons and live coding challenges will let
you find innovative tech solutions for your business.”

Our company specializes in the organization of a wide range of events for technological brands interested in building relationships with talented developers around the world. Thus creating a new in-house atmosphere by bringing new skills to internal stakeholders.

Our events teach IT companies and developers about your technology!

This whole process is excellent for finding vulnerabilities and solving problems. In addition, it is a great way to familiarize professionals with your product and recruit talented new collaborators by finding new solutions and opportunities for your business.

Get it done!

We at KDKT, ensure that your ideas and technology go from the drawing board to the market through extensive testing by devs capable of identifying and addressing possible issues. Once the event is over, we walk you through the process of carrying a prototype to developing a final product.


     Refine the ideas of the participants and achieve a product fit for market.

     Involve your mentors, evangelist and final users in the ideation process.

     Create a synergy among participants.

     Train participants on the event themes and technologies to be used at the event.


     Boost innovation by launching your projects in a short period of time.

     Involve your collaborators in the innovation process.

     Train your employees to have a hacker’s mindset and identify innovators.

     Scout for external talent, seeing them work under pressure while working as a team to ensure they are what you are looking for.

Incubation & Acceleration

     Polish your prototype into a final product.

     Follow-up with your experts and our KDKT team weekly, and set Milestones to ensure the development of the best possible product.

     Develop your resulting prototype from the event into a final product that pleases investors and customers alike.

Kick off

We will strive to achieve your goals, helping you give shape to your vision into a final product.


We´ll take charge of all the logistics, planning the hardware shipments and getting the right experts where they need to be from all around the world.

We make it look easy 😉


We will reach out the right developers, programmers, innovators and designers for your event.


Communicating with devs is our speciality. We will prepare and enable them to make it to the big day.

On-site hosting

Our team will make sure that everything runs smoothly all the while having fun for the love of art!

Award ceremony

They are the stars of the show after all. They came and conquer and therefore deserve to be recognized as the talent that they are. We will make sure of that.

Let’s make your event a memorable experience.

Follow up on our events

Are you a Hacker with a thirst for glory? Join us in our next destination and test your skill. Check them out today!

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Looking to expose and test your products on the tech market? Become our sponsor for our next project and work with the best developers!

Wanna be a part of our KDKT team?

If you are looking for a dynamic, challenging yet rewarding career with us, get in touch and see if you’ve got what it takes.

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