The EU CodeWeek 2023 Hackathon Series Finished with a Bang!

Online Hackathon for European Commission
CodeWeek 2023

Many countries around Europe – September 8th to November 24th, 2023

The exhilarating saga of the EU CodeWeek 2023 Hackathon unfolded across Europe, where coding virtuosos from Italy, Albania, Greece, Latvia, and Ireland showcased their talents in a series of local events. The grand finale saw these national champions converging in a captivating showdown of innovation and technical prowess.

A Celebration of Ideas and Innovation

The Hackathon exuded an atmosphere of joy, vibrancy, and unwavering focus as each participating team emerged victorious in their national contests. These teams, brimming with brilliant ideas aimed at societal betterment, transformed the event into a compelling spectacle of creativity and collaboration.

EU CodeWeek, a grassroots initiative, leverages programming and tech-related activities to foster creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. By demystifying programming, the initiative aims to inspire a community of eager learners across generations.


CodeWeek 2024 Final Hackathon: Unveiling Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

The final showdown brought forth the crème de la crème, with each team having already triumphed on the national stage. The theme, “Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams,” propelled these visionary coders to address challenges in transportation, tourism, education, and beyond.

CodeWeek Albania
Winner Digital future of Justice

The top five teams unveiled groundbreaking solutions:

Albania (1st Prize): “BLITE” – An AI-powered app recognizing sign language, fostering inclusivity with features like learning modules, quizzes, community chat, and mentorship programs.

Latvia (2nd Prize): A website inspiring youth to pursue exact sciences, incorporating programs, events, and future plans for nano-satellite programs and STEM conferences.

Greece (3rd Prize): The “H.U.G.S.” app addresses the food crisis, connecting food industry professionals, restaurants, and reliable volunteers to distribute leftover meals to those in need.

Italy (4th Prize): “ECO TRIP” – A web app promoting responsible tourism and inclusivity by suggesting eco-friendly travel plans and wheelchair-friendly routes.

Ireland (5th Prize): “Cabrhrú” – An app and website simplifying technology
understanding, especially for the elderly and parents, with future plans for “Icteach” to aid teachers with technology.

Behind the Scenes: The Hackathon Journey

OrganiSing the Hackathon involved meticulous pre-selection of top teams from each country, guiding them through concept refinement, and overcoming logistical challenges in different time zones. The participants, mentors, and jury demonstrated exceptional dedication, ensuring successful coordination and communication.

Mentors played a pivotal role, offering not only coding assistance but also sharing valuable insights and motivation. Notable mentors included Matt Hanlon, Angela Jafarova, and Pankaj Kumar, each bringing a wealth of experience to propel the participants towards


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Expert Jury: Navigating the Sea of Innovation

The expertly chosen jury faced the daunting task of evaluating a plethora of creative apps and websites. Their expertise spanned fields such as education, gender issues, and digital governance. Notable jurors included Madhumalti Sharma, Kristine Lazdina, Monika Kapráliková, and Ioannis Gaviotis, each contributing a unique perspective to the judging process.


Madhumalti Sharma from Workshop4Me

Madhumalti Sharma

from Workshop4Me

Madhumalti Sharma from Workshop4Me

Kristine Lazdina

from Google Computer Science division

Madhumalti Sharma from Workshop4Me

Monika Kapráliková

from Aj Ty v IT

Ioannis Gaviotis from the European Commission

Ioannis Gaviotis

from the European Commission

Mentoris Digital future of Justice

Celebrating Innovation with Purpose

All projects presented at the Hackathon tackled societal challenges, making the event a showcase of creativity with a purpose. The true essence lies in fostering innovative ideas that address real-world problems, creating a positive impact on society.

With two workshops providing additional support and insider knowledge, the participants gained valuable insights into the real-world applications of their projects. The three winning teams are set to embark on a trip to Brussels, expanding their networks and knowledge.

The EU CodeWeek’s ultimate goal is to guide these teams towards transforming their projects into market-ready solutions. Successful teams exemplify the art of collaboration, effective communication, and meticulous planning, reinforcing the notion that a united team can overcome any challenge.

As the curtain falls on the EU CodeWeek 2023 Hackathon, the legacy lives on through these innovative solutions, proving that coding can indeed pave the way to a better, more connected world.

European Commission

European Commission

      The European Commission is part of the executive of the European Union, together with the European Council. It operates as a cabinet government, with 27 members of the Commission headed by a President. It includes an administrative body of about 32,000 European civil servants.

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