WEkEO Hackathon

The WEkEO Hackathon 2023!

The WEkEO Hackathon aims to support creative and data-skilled people in conceiving tools to improve climate resilience and positively impact our environment. During the hackathon, teams will be able to unlock all the WEkEO platform features to develop their projects, guided by coaches and mentors.


EdgeX Coding Competition

EdgeX Worldwide Coding Competition

Intel is looking to the student developer ecosystem across USA, UK, and China to engage with them to grow and develop this insufficient area of EdgeX device connectivity.

Get ready to create great EdgeX applications together with your teammates and win from a US$14,000 prize pool!

Universities from USA, UK, and China will participate in this fantastic event!


Bitrock Smart Hackathon

Relationships are a fundamental element to ensure a positive and productive working environment and, more generally, ensuring everyone’s well-being.

Remote working, characterised by a social model of remote interpersonal relationships, inevitably has an impact on the quality of ties and collaboration between colleagues.

DayOne Hackathon

The DayOne Health Hack: Data Future

We assemble diverse, interdisciplinary teams of experts, practitioners, and outside-the-box thinkers to tackle specific challenges in defined environments. DayOne Health Hack: Data Future embodies this collaborative approach to innovation. Champions for health, our patient and health care professional mentors will guide you to better outcomes and ideation by sharing real-world insights.

Open sea lab hackathon<br />

Open Sea Lab Hackathon

The Open Sea Lab Hackathon is a unique event that brings together data and multidisciplinary scientists, software developers, social innovators, students, and businesses in Europe and around the world to harness the wealth of open-source, marine data offered by EMODnet to develop solutions to Ocean challenges.

Youth for the future

You(th) for the future

We need your help to involve youth migrants/refugees in active political life, and co-designing policies addressed to migrants and refugees.
This project is co-funded under the European Union’s Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund.

Rocketgov hackathon

RocketGov Hackathon

Rocket.Chat is the world’s largest open-source communications platform and together with the European Commission, they helped organizations to have control over their communications, and this challenge is all about!

Ant Media hackathon

Real-time Streaming Hackathon

This is a call for developers all around the world to join us in this hackathon and create a streaming video application using the Ant Media Server (AMS).

Teledyne Flir App development challenge

The Blue-Cloud Hackathon

This event was all about a new open science platform for the Marine domain that offers a wealth of data, analytical tools, and computing power to support scientists in developing solutions for a safe, healthy, productive, predictive and transparent Ocean.

Nextgov Hackathon banner

The NextGov Hackathon

This event was hosted by the European Commission with the goal of regaining digital sovereignty by working with the NextCloud platform: a place where users can host their data, have video chats, and work on documents on an open-source.

The SSHOC’n Tell Challenge

This was an open invitation to Social Science and Humanities (SSH) researchers, data experts, trainers, and Research Infrastructure professionals to participate in a two-day event where teams were challenged to develop user stories with the SSHOC tools for their research or research Infrastructure implementing one of them.

Teledyne Flir App development challenge

Intel Student Ambassador Program

Intel® is searching for talents who can become IoT ambassadors for the brand!
The program provides students an excellent opportunity to grow their programming skills and learn about Intel’s cutting-edge IoT and AI solutions to solve real-world problems.

Teledyne Flir App development challenge

2021 Teledyne FLIR App Development Challenge

This is the second edition of this great event which was a call to mobile app developers worldwide to create compelling mobile apps that use the Teledyne FLIR Mobile SDK and compete for cool prizes.

Tietoevry Sustainability Hack

This was an internal hackathon focused on how society today is connected and interconnected, and as a private person, one can get service in real-time and on one’s own terms. The main idea was to bring together different backgrounds of people to solve these challenges utilising sustainability as the primary objective.

Hackathon Mercedes-Benz and ESIC!

A hybrid event where participants can test the new Mercedes-Benz EQ series and SMART X! After teams were able to test the vehicles, they presented milestones after having a Masterclass with great speakers.

Internet of Water (IOW) by De Nora

The goal behind this Ideathon is to use new technologies and innovate ways for a cleaner and better treatment of water. Selected participants will go through an 8-week incubation program!


Intel and Canonical workshop

Intel and Canonical Developer Workshop

In this live workshop, you will learn all about Ubuntu Core and EdgeX Foundry with experts from Intel® and Canonical® guiding you through every lab. Finally a live event in Madrid!


This unique opportunity will allow pioneering individuals from across Europe to work on concrete ideas alongside experts in sustainable energy, before pitching them to an expert jury during the European Youth Energy Day.

PolyHACK 2021 by Telejob

This event was only for bachelor, master, Ph.D. students from the ETH University of Zurich. Participants had challenges from many of the sponsors using technology for new “Smart City” projects and were sponsored by ASUSSBB, and ELCA.

BBVA Beyond Barriers Hackathon

People from 5 countries of Latin America created teams to deliver best practices to make the BBVA app the best banking app for the 4th year in a row. Participants came from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay!

Ocean4Biotech Hackathon

Contribute with your knowledge and innovative ideas for helping us to identify the ingredients for creating a European Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem of Excellence!

CoParching Department by Poker Beer

Hola Amigos! This event was held in Colombia and brought together idea innovators, designers, and marketers to participate in a weekend online hackathon and create a 360° campaign.

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