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We at Kreativdistrikt care very much about privacy and offering the best events to our developers. This Privacy Policy explains how personal information is collected, processed and transmitted.

Information that we collect

The following is collected from public information resources and is provided for informational purposes only.

How it is collected.

The main source is from public information resources and is provided for informational purposes only. We are researching for people suitable to our technology events, based on their professional background and working experience.

How would it be used?

The information we collect is used only for the recruitment of high-skilled professionals, and the purpose is to notify them with regards to the content of those events.

Who would it be shared with?

We don’t share this information with any third party at any point of our research campaign.

Security of your information

Our team is committed to your privacy and everything is stored digitally in our secured backend which only trained personnel with NDAs and contracts that bind them by law.

Cookies and other tracking technologies.

We do not control who is entering our site, therefore, we do not need to request a cookies policy.

Canceling your information from our database.

If you wish to know what information we have from you, please contact admin@kreativdistrikt.com with the subject “Personal information” and we will reply within a week with the exact information that we extracted from the web. If you wish us to delete your information from our database, please request it to the same email and we will cancel within a week’s time.

Receiving KDKT’s invitation to participate to an event

Our main goal as a tech-events agency is offering developers the best events with the newest content from the best experts from the best brands.

Cold emailing campaigns.

The purpose of our cold emailing campaigns is to connect with high-skilled professionals and inform them with regards to our events.
Based on that, we are looking for those professionals that their background and experience match with the content of our events.
The main tool for our communications is the use of social media, along with the use of specialized online services.
We don’t sell any of our services when we start communications. However, we give more information with regards to our events and services upon request.

We keep information from the professionals we have contacted in our database, so we can inform them about future relative events. 

Calling contacts.

You will never receive a call from our side before you have registered to one of the events that we organize or coordinate. After you have registered, we shall contact you one week prior the date of the event to confirm your attendance at our event but we will only do so upon registration.

Additional information.

Our entire team is aware of the changed GDPR policies and we are committed to enforcing them every step of the way. Our SEO is functioning as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

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