Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

European Commission hackathon

Hackathon Officially Over

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

//The hackathon will be held at Albanian ICT Academy//

EU CodeWeek is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem-solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and the elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn.

Albania is one of six selected countries for the Code Week Hackathon 2023.

The theme of this year is Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams’. Under this theme, you will propose a solution to our country’s challenges for the education system, tourism, transportation and other sectors. Also, feel free to work your free idea as a solution that you think will help our community.

Who can apply & how?

The Hackathon is open to individuals with a specific emphasis on STEM, computer science, design, engineering, ICT, and other related fields. Teams should consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 6 persons. Participating teams are highly encouraged to ensure gender balance thus promoting girls’ participation in the Hackathon. To the extent possible, the teams should encompass both technical and functional competencies.


Apply if you

  • are passionate about technology and innovation for positive social, economic, and environmental impact
  • would like to promote access to safe digital information and content that protects minors, respects data privacy, and contributes to the well-being of people and the environment
  • are in a team of motivated people and would like to further develop your idea that contributes to sustainable development
  • understand and can create solutions that are intrinsically useful and appealing to a wider community


How to apply

As a team (between 5-6 participants; gender balance would be ideal)

NOTE that you can also apply individually (to get matched with an existing team that wishes your support over the course of the Hackathon).



Team ages: 15-19 years old


Why should you participate?

Your solution can help improve goods and services, the education system, tourism, transportation and other sectors.

Your ideas can make a difference and help towards achieving safety for all in digital space. 

You can contribute to mitigating climate change and building a sustainable environment.


First prize:
6 months ICT Training Scholarship
3 months of incubation and acceleration

Second prize:
4 months ICT Training Scholarship
3 months of incubation and acceleration

Third prize:
4 months ICT Training Scholarship
3 months internship in our partner companies

Also, the winning groups from 6 countries will have the right to participate in the Code Week Hackathon 2023 Award ceremony.


Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Transparency of the educational system

Create a website or application model that contains all the necessary information for pre-university and university education schools.

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Education system for children and young people with disabilities

Develop an interactive application for children and youth with disabilities that will provide learning materials appropriate to their needs. Include visual, audio and tactile elements that allow children to learn in an engaging and engaging way. Also to give the children and the young people the opportunity to create friendship groups to share similar experiences and interests.

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Youth employment

The lack of a unified online system for our country where businesses, organizations, young people and professionals can connect makes this problem even more difficult. Building a system where all these actors can be connected would facilitate the employment of young people and professionals.

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Brain drain

Most of the professionals who leave do not think to be returning. How can you use technology to reduce the effect of leaving and the return of professionals to our country?


Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

The air quality monitoring and improvement

To build an application or system that can monitor air quality and provide information for forecasting air pollution. Information can also be provided with real-time parameters for zones according to a specific location. The application can connect to air monitoring stations located in the city if available and supply real-time information on air quality.


Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

The fires monitoring

During the summer in Albania, many fires occur in deep areas and it is difficult to identify them with the naked eye in real time. Their identification and monitoring would lead to the preservation of different areas from being damaged by fires and extinguishing fires in real time.

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Water quality monitoring

The development of an application that allows users to monitor the water quality on coasts and beaches. This application can provide fresh information on water parameters such as temperature, pH, pollution level and reports of potentially dangerous contamination. This can help inform users and authorities about health and environmental issues.


Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Public transport and online information about it

To build an application where public transport lines are displayed in real time with detailed information, timetables at stations, destinations that follow and possible delays. Also, since in our country we lack the use of digital tickets, the possibility of such a ticket should be created for each option according to the public transport that will be used.

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Virtual tours

The platform can be linked to other tourist resources such as accommodation bookings, current information on transport, and recommendations for other activities in selected destinations. Also to look at the possibility to be as attractive as a platform and attractive for new visitors to our country.

Albania CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams

How you will use the coding and the technology to give life to your dreams.
Participants are free to use any programming language, tools, platform, or framework that is free software.



Winners announcement

FIRST PLACE: “Unyo” Team 
TEAM MEMBERS: Firdeus Kasaj, Jueda Avdillari, Amalia Bala, Leo Meçaj, Alkid Shuli, Kristi Bushi 
CHALLENGE: “Education system for children and young people with disabilities”;

SECOND PLACE: “Journey Buddy” Team 
TEAM MEMBERS: Geart Ferhati, Rubin Shatku, Alkida Sulce, Elja Qosja, Bjorn Koskia 
CHALLENGE: “Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams”;

THIRD PLACE: “NavigateTirana” Team 
TEAM MEMBERS: Blendi Avdolli, Joel Bakalli , Daniel Çraga, Eda Rrushi, Ersa Rrushi, Mateo Bello
CHALLENGE: “Public transport and online information about it”


7 August

✅ Registration

7 September

⭕ Registrations closed

8 September

▶️ Launch of Hackathon at Albanian ICT Academy

8 September

🚩 Deliverable 1 // Page Summary

9 September

🚩 Deliverable 2 // Prototype Presentation

10 September

🚩 Deliverable 3 - // Link to your code

10 September

🚩 Deliverable 4 // Video Pitch

10 September

👩‍⚖️ Evaluation

10 September

🥇🥈🥉 Closing ceremony


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