Hackathon case study

Recap of the “Digital Future of Justice” Hackathon

Hosted by the Council of Europe, this groundbreaking initiative aimed at reshaping the future of justice in the digital era.

WEkEO Article

Throwback to the WEkEO Hackathon 2023

Almost 400 participants joined the WEkEO hackathon 2023 from 22 – 23 June 2023, taking the challenge to design innovative data-intense solutions to positively impact our environment.

Hackathon case study

Online Hackathon Case Study

The NextGov Hackathon was a multi-day event in which dozens of developers, designers, and thinkers haphazardly come together within the NextCloud service to form teams and collaboratively find solutions for improving digital sovereignty. 

Design thinking for hackathons

The EU CodeWeek 2023 Hackathon Series Finished with a Bang!

The exhilarating saga of the EU CodeWeek 2023 Hackathon unfolded across Europe, where coding virtuosos from Italy, Albania, Greece, Latvia, and Ireland showcased their talents in a series of local events.

Tips for a successful hackathon

10 tips for hosting a successful hackathon

In this article, we will explore some of the key benefits of hosting a hackathon for businesses looking to attract talent.

Design thinking for hackathons

How to run a Perfect Online Hackathon.

Want to run a virtual hackathon but don’t know where to start? In this article, we will examine in detail how to start an online Hackathon. This guide comprehends countless lessons learned from our successful past global events on how to run a hackathon. Kreativdistrikt is a world-leading Online Hackathon Agency helping customers to achieve their goals.

Online vs offline hackathon

Live Hackathon vs Online Hackathon

If you are here is because either you are planning to build your 1st hackathon or you had already an experience with hackathons but would like to understand how a physical or online hackathon can help you reach your goals. Either way, let’s explore what is the differences and how can they help your company.

the right mentor for a hackathon

4 qualities your hackathon mentors must have.

Hackathons gather some of the best and brightest minds in one event. Based on the challenge categories, teams are tasked to create projects ranging from mobile applications to educational tools to disaster response! Hackathon mentors are assigned to teams to offer advice and assistance during the event.

Design thinking for hackathons

Design Thinking For Events and How It Provides Solutions To Problems.

Design thinking is a process that can be used to solve problems. It is a method of thinking that helps you to understand the needs of your audience, and then design solutions that meet those needs.

In this blog post, we will explore how design thinking provides solutions to problems, and how it can be used, especially for events. We will also give a few examples so that you can see how design thinking works in action.

How to run a webinar

How to Run a Perfect Webinar.

This is not only a theory but also a real case. Hence, we’ll tell you everything behind the organization of a real webinar: our Tech Tag. In any case, whatever the goal of your webinar is, (sales pitch, demo showcase, for your university students, for your annual event) there are some key organizational points that you cannot miss.

Attract talent with a hackathon

How to attract talent with a hackathon

In this article, we will explore some of the key benefits of hosting a hackathon for businesses looking to attract talent.

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