Final EU CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Final CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

European Commission hackathon

Hackathon Officially Over

Final of the EU CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

The central theme for 2023 is “Code to problem-solve and give life to your dreams”. The organizers from each country have made concrete challenge areas, concerning, for example, the education system, tourism, transportation and other sectors. The local participants propose solutions to their country’s challenges.



The winning teams of each of the participating countries (Albania, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Latvia) will gather virtually and challenge themselves with their ideas during this European final. 

The schedule of the final is the following:

  • 20 November: first workshop with the mentors (not recorded)
  • 22 November: second workshop with mentors (recorded)
  • 23 November: third workshop with mentors (recorded)
  • 24 November: submission of the projects, voting and award ceremony


📚 📚 📚 Projects📚 📚 📚 

All projects and deliverables must be submitted in English.



A hackathon is an event where participants collaborate intensively, to create software projects or solve challenges. Adapting the traditional hackathon format, the EU Code Week Hackathons take into consideration the age of the participants and cater to the unique skills, insights, and interests of adolescents.

Participants form teams to brainstorm, design, and code, aiming to produce a working solution or prototype by the event’s conclusion. Beyond fostering innovation and teamwork, teen hackathons offer a platform for young tech enthusiasts to learn, showcase their talents, and connect with like-minded peers.

The EU Code Week 2023 Hackathon is open to individuals between 15 and 19 years old, with a specific emphasis on STEM, computer science, design, engineering, ICT, and other related fields. To the extent possible, the teams should encompass both technical and functional competencies.




  • Travel to Brussels for the best 3 teams
  • Award ceremony to be held in person
  • The best 3 winning teams will participate in the EU Code Week Hackathon 2023 Award ceremony in Brussels.


Final EU CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Final CodeWeek Challenge!

During the hackathon, teams will analyse the proposed challenge, design and prototype a technology-powered solution addressing it and then pitch it to a jury of experts. There will be mentors on call to assist the teams and guest speakers to guide design and presentation skills.

Winners announcement


🥇FIRST PLACE: “Unyo” Team – Albania
TEAM MEMBERS: Firdeus Kasaj, Jueda Avdillari, Amalia Bala, Leo Meçaj, Alkid Shuli, Kristi Bushi
Project: “Blite by Unyo”;

🥈 SECOND PLACE: “Exacto” Team – Latvia
TEAM MEMBERS: Arturs Haritonovs, Dāvis Ērglis, Roberts Legzdins
Project: “Exacto”;

🥉 THIRD PLACE: “Heart 2 Heart” Team – Greece
TEAM MEMBERS: Nikol Vasilopoulou, Nikol Plastira, Joanna Aggou
Project: “H.U.G.S. (Help unanimously, give support)”


15 November

✅ Registration

20 November

⭕ Registrations closed

20 November

‍🏫 Workshop with mentors (not recorded)

21 November

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Day 2 - Team work

22 November

‍🏫 Workshop with mentors (recorded)

23 November

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Workshop with mentors (recorded)

24 November

▶️ Official opening of the EU Code Week hackathon's final

24 November

🚩Deliverable 1 // Design thinking

24 November

🚩Deliverable 3 // Mockup Design

24 November

👩‍⚖️ Pitch/Voting - jury

24 November

🗳️ Voting

24 November

🥇🥈🥉 Closing ceremony / Announcement of the winners


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