Greek CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Greek CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

European Commission hackathon

Hackathon Officially Over

Greek CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

The hackathon has been rescheduled to take place on October 7th and 8th.

Greek Code Week Hackathon 2023 comes within the framework of EU Code Week. 


EU CodeWeek is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem-solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and the elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn.

Greece is one of six selected countries for the Code Week Hackathon 2023.

The goal of the “Greek Code Week Hackathon 2023” is to address a challenge that not only affects our country but also many countries worldwide, which concerns the recycling of food and medication. The specific details of this challenge are presented below.

Who can apply & how?

The Hackathon is open to individuals with a specific emphasis on STEM, computer science, design, engineering, ICT, and other related fields. Teams should consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 persons. Participating teams are highly encouraged to ensure gender balance thus promoting girls’ participation in the Hackathon. To the extent possible, the teams should encompass both technical and functional competencies.

Apply if you

  • are passionate about technology and innovation for positive social, economic, and environmental impact
  • would like to promote access to safe digital information and content that protects minors, respects data privacy, and contributes to the well-being of people and the environment
  • are in a team of motivated people and would like to further develop your idea that contributes to sustainable development
  • understand and can create solutions that are intrinsically useful and appealing to a wider community

How to apply

As a team (between 3-5 participants; gender balance would be ideal)

NOTE that you can also apply individually (to get matched with an existing team that wishes your support over the course of the Hackathon).


Team ages: 15-19 years old. Each team should have at least one developer, one UX designer and one pitcher

Why should you participate?

Your solution can help improve goods and services, the education system, tourism, transportation and other sectors.

Your ideas can make a difference and help towards achieving safety for all in digital space. 

You can contribute to mitigating climate change and building a sustainable environment.

The Greek Code Week Hackathon 2023 winners can expect an astonishing surprise, with a range of exceptional prizes ready to be revealed through various engaging channels.


Access the Terms and Conditions:


The national winning team will participate in a European final that will take place online and travel to Brussels to receive their award – in person!


Greek CodeWeek Challenge

Greek CodeWeek Challenge!

Social Impact

The goal of the “Greek Code Week Hackathon 2023” is to address a challenge that not only affects our country but also many countries worldwide, which concerns the recycling of food and medication. The specific details of this challenge are presented below.

  • Food Rescue System: Create a mobile app or web platform that connects local restaurants, grocery stores, and food suppliers with charitable organizations and individuals who can distribute surplus food to those in need. The app could use location-based services to notify nearby volunteers about available surplus food, enabling them to pick up and deliver it to community centers, shelters, or directly to families. Implement a rating and feedback system to ensure the quality and safety of the rescued food. This solution not only helps reduce food waste but also ensures that excess food reaches those who are economically vulnerable.
  • Medication Redistribution System: Develop a digital platform that facilitates the secure redistribution of unused or unexpired medications from hospitals and households to individuals who cannot afford them. The platform could allow healthcare providers to input details about available medications, their expiration dates, and conditions. Individuals in need could then search for required medications and request them through the platform. Pharmacies or authorized distribution centers could handle the safe and legal redistribution of the medications, ensuring proper documentation and compliance with regulations. This solution helps prevent pharmaceutical waste, promotes access to essential medications, and supports economically vulnerable individuals who struggle to afford healthcare.

Additionally, we invite all participants to share their creative solutions and innovative ideas that are directly related to the initial problem. Feel free to contribute and collaborate as we work together to empower our community!

Winners announcement

The 3 Winning teams are:

  • First Place  “Heart 2 Heart”  Team with participants Ioanna Aggou, Nicole Vassilopoulou and Nicoletta Plastira and the idea “Help unanimously, give support (H.U.G.S)”;
  • Second Place “Avant Garde” Team with participants Dora Pazolidou, Mariza Soufleri, Nikos Symeonidis, Christos Symeonidis and the idea “Food and medicine recycling”;
  • Third Place   “Digital Craftsmen”  Team with participants Odysseus Kirikopoulos, Nikos Tsilas, Marios Mitsios and the idea “MEDSUPPLY”


4 September

✅ Registration

6 October

⭕ Registrations closed

7 October

▶️ Launch of the Virtual Hackathon

8 October

🚩 Deliverable 1

8 October

🚩 Deliverable 2

8 October

🚩 Deliverable 3

8 October

👩‍⚖️ Evaluation

8 October

🥇🥈🥉 Winners announced


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