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Intel EdgeX Coding Competition

edgex foundry

Hackathon Officially Over

Get ready for the Intel EdgeX coding competition!

Intel is looking to the student developer ecosystem across USA, UK, and China to engage with them to grow and develop this insufficient area of EdgeX device connectivity.

You will have the chance to participate with your team, pick a challenge and have the chance to win from a prize pool of $14,000 to be shared amongst 7 teams!

Universities from the USA, UK, and China will participate in this fantastic event!


Worldwide University coding competition. 

Billions of IoT and edge devices will be deployed on the market within the next decade which presents new challenges for adopting the right frameworks for accelerating the development and deployment of edge applications running on Linux-based devices.

This is an open invitation for Developers to participate in this great laboratory where you will work head-to-head with Intel and Canonical experts in real-world topics that will help you gain abilities in the market.


edgex foundry

EdgeX Foundry is an open-source, vendor-neutral, Edge IoT middleware platform, under the LF Edge umbrella. It collects data from sensors (i.e. “things”) at the Edge and acts as a dual transformation engine sending and receiving data to and from enterprise, cloud, and on-premise applications.



prize pool edgeX hackathon

Please make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions that apply to the hackathon, including applicable conditions to Prizes.

Live Sessions

EdgeX Coding Competition – Live Session


EdgeX Octopus

Develop (1) a new EdgeX device service microservice

Interact with smart home devices/appliances via Matter. As a result, the device service must be protocol-based and implement the Matter specification.
The device service microservice must not already exist in EdgeX and must not be specific to only one particular smart home device.

Additionally, the new EdgeX device service microservice, also known as “device connector” must meet the minimum required functionality defined by EdgeX.

Finally, the device connector must be written in the programming language Golang (GO) and the overall solution must incorporate a UI derived from the example UI here to illustrate the device service’s capabilities and functionality.

Universities participating

University of Exeter
shanghai jiao tong university
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


21 March

✅ Opening and registration open

25 April

🎮 Training

30 April

📣 Announcement of shortlisted teams: end of April

5 May

⭕ Registration and team

8 August

🏁 Demo’s and Judging beings

16 August

🏁 Demo's and judging ends

25 August

🚀 Submission and Assessment of Your Event Project's Progress


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