Latvia CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Latvia CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

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Latvia CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

🚀🚀Empowering STEM: Bridging the Gap in Education and Career Readiness.

The Latvian Ministry of Economy projects a critical shortage of highly skilled IT, engineering, and natural sciences professionals, with a potential deficit of nine thousand qualified STEM specialists by 2030. Something alarming happens as you move through high school – a drop in enthusiasm and success in STEM subjects, seen through declining participation in exams like physics, chemistry, and biology.

If you are between 15 and 19 years old, apply to a hackathon and develop an innovative solution that enhances interest and empowers a greater number of high school students to embrace STEM subjects.


Reasons to consider why students don’t pursue STEM careers

  • Lack of interest or perceived difficulty
  • Limited awareness of career opportunities
  • Insufficient support or resources
  • Inadequate exposure or lack of role models
  • Negative stereotypes or bias
  • Peer influence and social pressures
  • Inaccessible learning environment


🧾 Available resources relevant to this challenge


💡Examples of potential ideas: 

  • Mobile app that provide interactive lessons, quizzes, and resources for learning STEM subjects on the go
  • Web-based platform where learners can connect, collaborate, and share their STEM projects
  • STEM tutorial videos where teachers can create short educational video tutorials for students that explain STEM concepts


🧑 Who can apply?

The Hackathon welcomes individuals aged 15 to 19, particularly those with interests in science, computer science, design, engineering, ICT, and related fields. Teams should consist of 5-6 members. We strongly encourage participating teams to strive for gender balance, fostering greater involvement of girls in the Hackathon. Ideally, teams should include both technical and functional skills. You have the option to apply as a team or individually.


  • 🥇 Place: 1200 EUR
  • 🥈 Place: 600 EUR
  • 🥉 place: 200 EUR

The national winning team will then participate in a European final that will take place online.


Latvia CodeWeek Hackathon 2023

Latvia CodeWeek Challenge!

During the hackathon, teams will analyse the proposed challenge, design and prototype a technology-powered solution addressing it and then pitch it to a jury of experts. There will be mentors on call to assist the teams and guest speakers to guide design and presentation skills.

Winners announcement


🥇Team Exacto – Dāvis Ērglis (RTU Inženierzinātņu vidusskola), Roberts Legzdiņš (Rīgas Tehniskā koledža), Artūrs Haritinovs (Rīgas Hanzas vidusskola). 



🥈 Team Zantix – Miks Mednis (Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte), Dmitrijs Semjonovs (Rīgas Valsts Tehnikums),  Alberts Liepiņš (Rīgas Valsts Tehnikums),  Renārs Gausiņš (Rīgas Valsts Tehnikums),  Harvijs Tučs (Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte). 



🥉 Team MVDELF – Mārtiņš Mežavilks,  Viesturs Inguss Trokša, Emīls Bebris, Dāvis Vecumnieks,  Loreta Vaivode, Filips Paurs (Ulbrokas vidusskola)



8 September

✅ Registration

28 September

⭕ Registrations closed

30 September

▶️ Launch of the Virtual Hackathon

30 September

💻 Workshop #1

30 September

💻 Workshop #2

30 September

🚩 Deliverable 1 - Page Summary

30 September

🚩 Deliverable 2 - Presentation

1 October

🚩 Deliverable 3 - Link to your solution's Demo

1 October

🎤 Workshop #3 Pitch Drill

1 October

🚩 Deliverable 4 - Video Pitch

1 October

👩‍⚖️ Evaluation

1 October

🥇🥈🥉 Winners announced


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