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The DayOne Health Hack: Data Future

Your chance to transform the healthcare industry.


We assemble diverse, interdisciplinary teams of experts, practitioners, and outside-the-box thinkers to tackle specific challenges in defined environments. DayOne Health Hack: Data Future embodies this collaborative approach to innovation. Champions for health, our patient and health care professional mentors will guide you to better outcomes and ideation by sharing real-world insights. This is your chance to collaborate with other innovative thinkers to tackle real-world healthcare problems. Our non-code event empowers everyone to contribute and develop creative solutions.

By participating in this event, individuals can put their ideas into action, developing practical and creative solutions to real-world healthcare problems. The event’s philosophy is encapsulated in the motto “Just do it”, emphasizing the importance of taking bold and decisive action to drive meaningful change in the healthcare industry. It is a “non-code” event, so everyone can contribute to solving real challenges that patients and physicians face.

Expected outcome: 

Together with our Champions (patients and physicians) and mentors, we identified 4 particular challenges around data in healthcare.  

The team will need to focus on one challenge to work on during this Health Hack.  The outcome should be a proof of concept (essay) and a pitch deck that outlines the value proposition of a particular digital health solution created and showcases its viability in addressing the chosen challenge.  Building a small-scale model or simulation that demonstrates how the solution would work in practice is welcomed but not required.  The evaluation will be based on the criteria of innovation, business impact, UI/UX interface, and feasibility.


Teams can win an invitation to the Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster program powered by Innosuisse to further develop the prototype (for Switzerland based projects only).  You will join 20 selected startups for the 6months accelerator program that provides up to 20 000 CHF non-dilutive funding and over 30 hours of personalized coaching as well as boot camps to develop winning ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). ​

Additionally, special prizes from the partners include: 

Special prize “The Champions Award”
Our Champions are aware is in recognition of the most impactful solution that has genuinely delivered impact for both HPCs and Patients. This solution has best addressed the concept of building mutual value for both patients and HPCs. The winner will receive one and a half hours of consulting with PersonalPulse to future develop and design a sustainable plan for Empowering People who are Patients. 

Special prize “Uniqueness of design of digital health solution”
1st place: 12 months of free blueBriX platform subscription + 100 hours of free technical consultancy to help build out MVP
2nd and 3rd places: 6 months of free blueBriX platform subscription + 100 hours of free technical consultancy to help build out MVP

Special prize “Project Recognition”
A unique place in digitalswitzerland’s Digital Health Academy 2023  (for Switzerland based projects only). This 6-month cohort program includes 5 other scaleups focusing on empowering the Swiss population to own and understand their healthcare data.  You will join key startup events in Switzerland,  be mentored by experts to help you to develop your concept, and join a scaleup boot camp. 

Special prize “Entrepreneurial Mindset”
Increase your success rates for funding and paying customer acquisition with 3 months of free access to Bambooster Academy
The step-by-step self-paced online coaching will help you to design a strong business model strategy and know how to pitch it, set up an efficient, focused, and simple organization of your time and your team’s activities, grow as an entrepreneur, and embed the right soft skills and mindset. 

Live Sessions

DayOne Health Hack: Data Future – Kick Off Ceremony

🏆 Meet the Champions – Challenge 2 / Samira and Lukas

🏆 Meet the Champions – Challenge 4 / Sylvie and Stephan

🏆 Meet the Champions – Challenge 1 / Laura and Daniel

🏆 Meet the Champions – Challenge 3 / Katharina and Nnaemeka

Webinar “How to make a perfect pitch”
by Aurélie Moser Founder @ Bambooster


DayOne Health Hack

Empowering patients and health through healthcare data ownership

Enables patients to release untapped value in owning their healthcare data from multiple providers and sharing it with others on demand. The goal is to prioritize patient privacy while giving them ownership and control over their data, enabling seamless sharing across different systems and platforms.

DayOne Health Hack

Improving remote care outcomes

Develop solutions that prioritize patient and health care professionals’ (HPC’s) needs and preferences, using patient-centered data to create personalized treatment plans, patient education resources, and patient portals that provide access to health information and other patients. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes by empowering patients with the tools they need to manage their health effectively and in turn are trusted and valued by HPC.

DayOne Health Hack

Catalysing adoption of digital health solutions

Develop solutions and tools that promote new ways of engagement and collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients. These solutions should increase their knowledge, efficiency, connection, and trust, and be aimed at enabling HCPs to make accurate and timely decisions while ensuring that patients are engaged in their care. The goal is to create digital tools that bridge and strengthen the partnership between HPCs and patients.

DayOne Health Hack

Coordinating the patient flow within healthcare

Develop solutions that provide real-time orchestration of patient care across multiple domains, optimize the overall costs, and use of limited healthcare resources. The solution should be easy to integrate with existing healthcare systems and should demonstrate how it can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery resulting in HCP making informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment for specific conditions using high-quality healthcare data.


1 May

✅ Registration open

2 May

⭕ Registrations closed

2 May

🚀 Kick-off ceremony

7 May

‎‍💻 Team formation closed

11 May

🛠 Closing submission of projects

12 May

🏁 Closing ceremony


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