How to Run a Perfect Webinar.

This is not only a theory but also a real case. Hence, we’ll tell you everything behind the organization of a real webinar: our Tech Tag.  In any case, whatever the goal of your webinar is, (sales pitch, demo showcase, for your university students, for your annual event) there are some key organizational points that you cannot miss.

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Build your webinar landing page.

Webinar landing page

Above all, design plays a crucial part in running a webinar. To this end, take a look at the one we designed for one episode of our Tech Tag. In short, these are the main sections that you cannot miss:

  • Firstly, an eye-catching title with a clear date and time
  • Second, an appealing event description
  • Third, the topics description
  • In addition, the pictures and backgrounds of the Speakers
  • Moreover, the sponsor and partners section
  • Lastly, a simple and fast registration form

For tips on how to set up registration form automation skip to the Registration form and automated email section.

    Find the right speakers.

    How to find speakers for your webinar

    First of all, if you need to find the best speaker for your webinar, the way to go is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    In general, speakers are very friendly and ready to manage a keynote request.

    Moreover, the chance to get an availability confirmation is very high.

    In conclusion, a great alternative is Speakerhub: a fast-growing community of professionals, independent, or amateur public speakers who’d like to be found by webinar organizers.

      Find the right media partners.

      Of course, the goals of a media partnership could be various. Certainly, the main one is intersecting two different communities which are somehow topic-related. For example, for our Cybersecurity webinar, we contacted some Cybersecurity associations. The benefit was mutual. Indeed, our Tech Tag reached out to many more people. On the other hand, the Cybersecurity association community was provided with useful cybersecurity content.

      Once again, the best tool to reach your media partner is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

        KreativDistrikt Webinar
        Winners Kreativdistrikt

        Set up a targeted audience outreach campaign.

        How to find the right audience for your webinar

        Without a doubt, if you have some budget for your webinar, you want to make sure to set up a targeted outreach campaign.

        Unquestionably, these are great options:

        At last, Meetup provides a very useful tool to find the greatest communities in the world.


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          Registration form

          Registration form and automated email.

          You should make your form as easy as possible: name, email, opt-in. That’s it. Don’t ask too many questions. Keep your questions short and simple. People don’t want to waste much time over a long-form. Be compliant with the data privacy rules of the countries your webinar registrants come from!

          Keep your audiences engaged by making them feel like subscribers! A great email marketing tool to manage your webinar audience automation is Mailchimp.

          The free basic license allows you to add up to 2000 people, which should be enough for 1 webinar. The features provided are really cool and it has everything to manage your webinar data smoothly.

          Once you set it up, you can automate the reminders to your webinar audience. We recommend doing that 7 days prior, 1 day prior, and 1 hour before the webinar.

          In case you want to schedule the reminders and let Mailchimp send them automatically, here’s our advice when using the free version.

          When building a campaign, Mailchimp provides the possibility to select a post-send action:

          which in our case will be a tag that is added to our participants.

          In our real case, the campaign  “D-5 – Cybersecurity” is the email reminder that we sent to the participants 5 days prior to the webinar.

          So, if we want to automatically let Mailchimp send a reminder 1 day prior to the event we select the post-action “Add tag” – “D-1”.

          This way, once we send the D-5 campaign, the same contacts are tagged with D-1.

          And what happens when we tag people with “D-1”? This:

          Mailchimp Added tag

          So, right after the D-5 tag, your participants will be tagged with the D-1 tag and 4 days later (on D-1) they will receive the reminder “Webinar is tomorrow” that you previously created.

          Pretty cool right?


          Organize a dry-run.

          Practise makes your webinar perfect! You cannot go live with your webinar before scheduling a dry-run. You need to have a thorough check of everything with all your participants and speakers to minimize last-minute hiccups and glitches.
          Invite all your speakers to:
          • Explain to them the schedule and process

          • Check their internet bandwidth quality

          •  Make sure their AV equipment is adequate

          This helps to make sure that you’re as flawless and ready as you can be.

          Also, it’s a great idea to let the speakers meet each other. This way they can discuss correlations with their webinar topics and avoid unpleasant content overlapping. In addition, their interaction during the webinar FAQs will be smoother.

            JUDGING PERIOD Hackathon

            Choose carefully your webinar platform.

            Most importantly, the webinar platform should be selected taking into account the goals of your webinar.

            For example, how to run a webinar with a good stream quality? Then, you might wanna chose GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam, or Zoom.

            Furthermore, good marketing features can be provided by Demio.

            Indeed, if you’re looking to keep your audience engaged then you might want to consider Crowdcast or integrating one of the previous with Slido.

              Winners Kreativdistrikt

              Important tips on how to run a webinar.

              • Firstly, using interactive polls is a great way to keep your audience engaged throughout the whole webinar duration.
              • 3 speakers & 15 minutes keynotes are usually a great combo.
              • In addition, consider running the webinar during lunch-time. People are often at their desks on Facebook!
              • Furthermore, launch your survey automatically from the webinar provider once the window is closed. 1 minute later is already late.
              • Also, schedule a call with the speakers to let them know each other and discuss overlaps/connections between the webinar keynotes.
              • Moreover, always record your webinar to see where you can improve but also to upload it on YouTube for later view. You can send the video link to the registrants who didn’t attend the webinar.
              • At last, be crystal clear with the event time zone. E.g. Wednesday 15th of October 2020 – 1 PM CEST (GMT+2). Use to check different world zones.

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