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Perspective of a Winning Team

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Unleash your potential with our exclusive blog, “How to Win a Hackathon” from the perspective of a winning team.

We interviewed Digital Future of Justice Hackathon in Paris Winning Team “KIS – Keep It Simple” from Noway, to discover the game-changing strategies that lead to their success! 🚀🔑 


  1. Build A Winning Team For Your Hackathon
  2. Hot To Agree On The Project’s Goal Of A Hackathon
  3. Choose The Correct Strategy
  4. The Catalyst For Success On Your Hackathon Journey
  5. Tactics To Overcome Challenges
  6. Navigating Technical Glitches During A Hackathon
  7. How To Showcase Your Work On Demo Day
  8. Hackathon’s Effect On Your Career
  9. Follow Up With A Great Idea
  10. What To Expect After A Hackathon Event?

Winning team of the Digital Future Of Justice Hackathon. Oliver Ruste Jahren, Inger Liepelt, Nasjida Noorestany, Dan Uehara, Lorenz Keefer

Build A Winning Team For Your Hackathon

Hackathons, the adrenaline-fueled events where coding prowess and innovation collide, have become the epicentre of technological breakthroughs. As we delve into the intricacies of these competitions, we discover the concealed element that transforms participants into champions.
Picture a room buzzing with creativity, the air thick with the excitement of minds ready to tackle challenges. Hackathons are not just coding competitions; they are immersive experiences where sleep-deprived teams strive to create something extraordinary within a limited timeframe.

It needs endless hours of dedication to build a nest where the mentors and judges can foster the participant’s projects.

Success in a hackathon extends beyond winning. It’s about pushing boundaries, acquiring new skills, and leaving a lasting impact. Understanding the multifaceted nature of success sets the stage for a fulfilling journey through the world of hackathons.

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    TJENI Hackathon
    TJENI Hackathon

    Hot To Agree On The Project’s Goal Of A Hackathon

    Winners possess a unique blend of technical prowess, creativity, and adaptability. It’s the ability to navigate challenges swiftly, coupled with a knack for innovation, that distinguishes them in a sea of talented participants.

    Contrary to popular belief, winning a hackathon isn’t solely about coding speed. It involves strategic thinking, effective communication, and a holistic approach to problem-solving. Demystifying these misconceptions unveils a more inclusive path to success.

    Team “KIS – Keep It Simple” (Norway) winners of Digital Future of Justice – Paris Hackathon concept was by visualizing intricate cases linked to ECHR keywords, the Norwegian champions addressed the inefficiencies of the current HUDOC platform. Their tool, intended for legal professionals, aims to provide a user-friendly visual format, index cases using KeyBERT, and provide brief synopses of previous human rights cases.


    “I think an important moment was when we were all able to on what is the concept. It took us quote some time to figure out what we are doing and what needs to be done. Eventually we agreed up on the project’s goal and we splited up the tasks. It was super important that everyone was on board there and agreed with the solutions and from then we were at the same boat.”
    /Dan Uehara winner team member of Digital Justice of Future Hackathon/

    Choose The Correct Strategy

    Hackathons come in various shapes and sizes, from local community events to global tech extravaganzas. Understanding their differences is crucial for participants seeking the right platform to showcase their skills. Each hackathon format presents its own set of challenges. Whether it’s a sprint-style competition or a marathon coding session, participants must adapt their strategies to navigate the unique landscape of each event.

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    TJENI Hackathon


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    The Catalyst For Success On Your Hackathon Journey

    While coding forms the foundation, the true key to success lies in a spectrum of skills – collaboration, communication, and adaptability. Hackathon champions excel not only in code but also in the art of teamwork and innovation.

    In a world driven by innovation, creativity becomes the catalyst for success. We explore how thinking beyond traditional boundaries can elevate a hackathon project from good to groundbreaking.

    TJENI Hackathon
    TJENI Hackathon

    Tactics To Overcome Challenges

    A cohesive team is a formidable force in hackathons. We delve into the dynamics of assembling the right mix of skills and personalities to create a team that not only thrives but also enjoys the journey. The competition begins once the team is assembled, and there is no time to waste. With the clock ticking, time management becomes a critical skill. Uncover tactics to optimise every minute, ensuring that your team completes the project and does so with finesse.

    “I would highlight that we just relaxed when we were meant to relax. All the other teams working during lunch, during dinner, they kept working which is admirable but we were able to say ‘ok, let’s just drop it for now’ and do what we need to do during the task, not think about anything else and after recharged ourselves it allowed us to be a little bit more creative.”
    / Lorenz Keefer Digital Justice of Future Hackathon winner team-leader /

    The ability to identify the core problem is the foundation of any successful project. We explore how participants can sharpen their problem-solving skills, ensuring they tackle the right challenges head-on. Innovation is the heartbeat of hackathons. The judges and mentors analyze how participants can inject creativity into their solutions, making them stand out in a crowd of competitors.

    Navigating Technical Glitches During A Hackathon

    Technical glitches are inevitable, but overcoming them swiftly is the mark of a true hackathon champion. Learning valuable tips for troubleshooting under pressure is the true test of the participant’s capacity to work under pressure. They must resolve their issues, and they must do so immediately. These challenges demonstrate how a team can collaborate and delegate each task to an expert on each topic. It’s a balancing act between moving forward with the project and enlisting the help of other team members to fix the glitch.
    “I think in the beginning we used a lot of time to establish who is responsible for what based on our strengths. Then we actually started the challenge, we just divided the tasks between us so we weren’t working in parallel so much. Once we were certain about what we creating, it was a smooth collaboration. I believe this is how we managed to win the challenge. ”
    /Inger Liepelt Digital Justice of Hackathon winner team member/
    Diverse teams bring unique strengths and challenges. Discover how to harness diversity for creative problem-solving while fostering unity to overcome any team-related hurdles is captivating to witness every time.

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    TJENI Hackathon

    How To Showcase Your Work On Demo Day

    “What we found out a little bit later from one of the Mentors is that they weren’t coming to us as often as some of the other groups was because they actually felt comfortable with our outcomes and ‘ok, these guys have a a great idea’, they will come to us if they need help’ and the other teams were not at the same point as we were so it was actually a compliment. So we asked the mentors what we really needed to ask. I think their support was really crucial and they were extremely helpful.”
    / Lorenz Keefer Digital Justice of Future Hackathon winner team-leader /

    Presentation skills can make or break a hackathon project. Explore the art of pitching, ensuring that your team’s hard work is effectively communicated to judges and audiences.

    Demo day is the grand finale. We uncover the strategies for delivering a captivating presentation that showcases your project’s features and leaves a lasting impression. It is the most adrenaline-pumping part of the event, where participants meet the real-life stage of the presenting industry. The demo session is where they can demonstrate to the judges how mature and composed they are as a team and whether they are prepared to bring their project to life. 

    “When it comes to demo session we could use a few more minutes to clarify our project’s privacy concerns solving concept but we understand that it is a competition. When it comes to judges they were super nice and they very really fair to everyone. Of course we did’nt know what they were thinking but afterwards we had a chance to chat with them so it became clear that they couldn’t reveal their opinion before the Awarding Ceremony. We got a lot of feedbacks from them and I think it was very important that they shared these with us. This is the reason why we want to continue the project. Currently we are looking for investors to do so.”
    / Dan Uehara Digital Justice of Future Hackathon winner team member/

    Hackathon’s Effect On Your Career 

    Win or lose, post-event evaluation is essential for continuous improvement. We explore the significance of reflecting on the journey, learning from mistakes, and evolving for future hackathons.

    Hackathons are not just about projects; they’re networking opportunities. Discover how to forge lasting connections with peers, mentors, and industry professionals for future collaborations. The tech landscape evolves rapidly. We discuss the importance of continuous learning, staying abreast of emerging technologies, and adapting to industry trends for sustained success.

    The hackathon community is a valuable resource. Learn how active participation in post-event discussions, forums, and meetups can enhance your knowledge, broaden your perspective, and foster collaboration.

    “I think our key to success was that we way we were put together as a team, we have very different backgrounds and we still managed to work together, have understanding for each others perspectives. We collectively created the solution, and that was a crucial element to our winning. One thing that really helped to get on the same page is that in Day 1 we realised that we are all huge fans of a TV series so we gave each other names from it based on the character and we created some memes for each other from it. It bringed a lot of playfulness and laughter during the coding sessions even. We balanced hard work and fun.”
    / Nasjida Noorestany Digital Justice of Future Hackathon winner team member/

    TJENI Hackathon
    TJENI Hackathon

    Follow Up With A Great Idea

    Victory in a hackathon is a career milestone. We explore how winning can open doors, boost confidence, and pave the way for exciting opportunities in the tech industry. It gives access to the participants to build their network for their future careers. Meet valuable individuals from their field and build long-lasting connections that will move their professional lives forward. 

    Pay it forward. We discuss the importance of sharing your journey, experiences, and insights with the hackathon community, inspiring others to embark on their paths to success.

    “We will definetally going to continue our project we are currently trying to get some funding and then build up from that. The fact that winning prize included a trip to Strasburg where we did not expect, but had the opportunity to present our idea to a vider audience and meet more important people in our field that gave us some contacts is very promising. We hope that we find our match in the near future. The Judges helped us along the way which was super exciting and nice.”
    / Lorenz Keefer Digital Justice of Future Hackathon winner team-leader /

    What To Expect After A Hackathon Event?

    In conclusion, the hidden key to winning in hackathons is not just a skill but a mindset – a holistic approach that combines technical expertise, creativity, teamwork, and adaptability. Embracing this approach ensures success in every hackathon endeavour, leaving a lasting legacy in the vibrant world of coding competitions.

    It is our true passion to provide this experience to every stakeholder with whom we collaborate. Do you have a great idea and are ready to plan a Hackathon with us? Feel free to contact us and let’s plan it together!

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